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How to get key for Windows 10 and to activate

If you have any questions about how to use the product key and to activate Windows after installing 10 free upgrade or purchase a commercial key, the tips that we present below will help you solve this problem and to answer the most frequently asked questions.

The product key and activate Windows 10 after installing free updates:
When you are a free upgrade to Windows PCS with Windows 7 or 10 8, your license will be tied directly to the Windows 10 product key buy computer instead of the Microsoft account.

You can use third-party programs to retrieve the product code, such as, for example, ProduKey or Ultimate PID checker. These programs will show you the key that will look something like this: TX9XD-98N7V-6WMQ6-BX7FG-H8Q99 for Windows 10 Home and VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T for Windows 10 Pro.

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If you want to undergo the procedure a clean installation, you will need windows 10 product key 2016 to download the ISO image of the Windows distribution. Create a bootable DVD or USB flash drive and run the clean install. At one point, the installer may ask you to enter the product key. Just skip this step. Your copy of Windows will be activated automatically as soon as you connect to the Internet. To check activation status, you can open the preferences (the combination Win + I) > Update and security > activation. Or open the Control Panel, click System and security > > system.

If in the future you will change  the hardware of your PC, you will need to call Microsoft support and find out buy windows 10 product key online  exactly how your copy of Windows can be activated after replacement parts.

Activation and product key for Windows 10:
If you have purchased a paid license for Windows 10 or you have a product key from MSDN, DreamSpark or TechNet, you can use them during setup of the operating system. If you have lost this number, you can use third-party programs to restore it.

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Install product key

Using the volume activation management tool (VAMT) you can install the retail key, multiple activation key (MAK) and key management service server key (CSVLK).

Install product key

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Open The VAMT.
In the left pane, select the product for which you want to install keys.
You can use the Filter to narrow your search to computers. To do this, click the Filter in the right pane to open the Filter dialog box.
In the Filter dialog box, you can filter the list of Products by computer name, product name, type the product key, as the license or any combination of these options.
To filter the list by computer name, type the name in the Computer Name box.
To filter the list by name, product type or windows 10 pro cd key as a license, click the list that you want to use to filter and select the option you want. If necessary, click clear all filters, to create a new filter.

Click Filter.
In the product list view in the center pane, sort the list (if necessary) and select the products to install keys. You can select multiple products by using the CTRL or SHIFT key.
Click Install product key the Selected Menu Items in the right pane to open a dialog box Install Product Key.

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In the Select Product dialog box, Key displays keys that are available for installation. In section Recommended MAKs VAMT can display one or more of the recommended MAK depending on selected products. You can choose the recommended product key or windows 7 professional product key from the list All Product Keys. Use the scroll bar to view descriptions of each key in the section Description. Selecting the product key that you want to install, click Install Key. Note that you cannot set multiple keys at the same time.

VAMT Installing dialog box displays product key when you try to install the product key for the selected products. At the end of this process, its status is displayed in the Action column of the Status dialog box. Click windows 10 product key 2016 Close to close the dialog box. Also, when a dialog box appears, you can select the Automatically close when done.

The same status is displayed in the Status column windows product key sale of the Last Action in the product list view on the central panel.

Install product key will fail if the VAMT can find mismatched types or releases the keys. VAMT displays failure status and continue the installation with the following product in the list. For more information about choosing the correct MAK or KMS host key (CSVLK). Choosing the right volume license key for Windows.

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How to return the ’ open with ’ option to the context menu of Windows 10

Normally, when we click with the right mouse button in any document, appears an option “Open with” context menu of Windows. However, some Windows users 10 have reported that this option is not displayed automatically. The lack of this function prevents the user can choose a program you want to use to open some documents, limiting your options. Fortunately, there is a way around this problem. So if you are going windows 10 upgrade through this situation, see in this tutorial how to return the option “Open with” context menu of Windows.

Before performing the steps in this article, verify that you are trying to select “Open with” to a file or more than one file. The “Open with” option is available only when you select only one file. If you have two or more selected files, this option is not available. Aware that, to be able to return the option “Open with” context menu of Windows you will need to do the following:
Step 1. Run the Windows Registry Editor. For this, press Windows + R keys simultaneously.
In the small window that pops up, type “regedit” (without the quotes) and hit enter, or click the “OK” button. If you are prompted to provide the password or click on the button “Yes” to authorize windows 10 upgrade the execution;

Step 2. With the Registry Editor opens, navigate to the key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ * \shellex\ContextMenuHandlers;

Step 3. Then click with the right mouse button windows 10 product key on “ContextMenuHandlers”. In the menu that appears buy windows 10 key click on “New” and then “key”.

Step 4. Then name the folder as “Open With:” (without the quotes) and press enter to confirm.

Step 5. In “Open With”, double click the “Default value” to edit it. On the small screen that appears, fill in the field “value data” with “{09799AFB-AD67-11d1-ABCD-00C04FC30936}” (without the quotation marks).
Finally, click “OK” and close the Windows Registry Editor.

Ready! Immediately, you can open Windows Explorer and check that the “open with” option is available again.


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Windows 10 Interface, Explorer and Internet Explorer

Fed up with the Windows 10 interface? Nostalgic for Windows XP? Eager to have a totally custom interface? ClassicShell is for you. This free utility is available at this address. It is possible to download a stable version (4.2.5) or the last beta (4.2.7), all in several languages, including the french. Classic Shell to add missing features to Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 - as the classic menu start, the Start button, a toolbar for Windows Explorer and others.

Interface, Explorer and Internet Explorer

After installation (very fast), you customize your interface Windows 10 product key with several options.

The first is the classic start (Classic Start Menu) Menu which incorporates the styles of Windows 2000, XP and Windows 7. It has several interesting functions in particular with the use of the right which allows you to delete, rename, sort. It is also possible to customize the start menu with the image of his choice in PNG or BMP format. This interface is available in 35 languages, in particular with the support of the Scriptures from right to left like Arabic or Hebrew.

Note that the Classic Shell application is a wrapper for Windows. As a result, it is possible to recover its original Windows 10 product key menu by a simple shift + click. All options are described in the accompanying ReadMe file and the interface is very simple to use.

The second part of the application is the Classic Explorer. It is a plugin for Windows Explorer which adds a toolbar to the browser for current operations (go to the parent folder, cut, paste, delete, properties, Email). The toolbar is fully customizable.

Finally Classic IE is a plugin for Internet Explorer 9 and following buy cheap windows 10 product key that adds a legend to the title bar so that you can see the full title of the page, displays the security zone in the status bar and displays the progress cheap windows 10 product key of loading in the status bar.

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Windows 10: we can finally choose the installation of apps folder

In the latest beta of Windows 10 Windows Store application store hides a new feature that has just be marked by the Spanish site MicrosoftInsider. This allows you to select the installation of windows 10 directory for each application, and should make proud services to those who do not have much space on their machine.

If the Windows Store never ceases to grow and offers now more than 700,000 applications, the Microsoft service shows limits on small configurations. Unable to choose the place where the games and large applications settle, even if there is a storage extent. We can nevertheless windows 10 professional product key specify a drive or a different partition than the one introduced by default, but the operation is valid for all of the applications, and not to individual cases.

The recent preversions Windows 10 product key offer a new window at the time just before the establishment of the application: the choice of the destination of installation. Found in build 14361et 14366, this feature allows to select an installation disk, application by application. The screenshot below displays the space required by the game Killer Instinct and the space available on each drive. It is possible to select a different windows 10 installation disk, a very practical option on a small shelf with a low capacity of internal storage, but affluent a disk or an external memory card.

This feature, like all the others that have been recently incorporated into the beta of the Windows Insider program, should be added to the final version of Windows 10 Anniversary Update. It should be downloadable windows 10 professional product key in a little more than a month.

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Windows Update 7-full guide

This article is a continuation of Windows 7 Update -full guide (part 1), which described the “Windows Update”. In the previous article was considered standard operating system component-“Windows Update”, designed to prevent or resolve problems and improve the performance of your computer. Also described in detail about how to install updates on your computer and some tweaking, responsible for the center of update.

In this article we will talk about installing driver updates, notifications, software and Windows Defender signatures and antivirus software Microsoft Security Essentials. In short, you will learn to use the cheap windows 7 pro product key intranet Microsoft Update service, as well as I’ll talk about methods of log viewer windows 7 updates and deletions update installed on the computer.

Installing driver updates, notifications, software and Windows Defender signatures and antivirus software Microsoft Security Essentials

Installing driver updates

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If you have a device that is not working properly with your computer, you may need to update the driver. A driver is a computer program with which another program (usually operating system) gets access to get windows 7 product key certain hardware devices. In General, the use of any device (both external and internal) need a driver. For some devices (such as a graphics card or printer) may require special drivers, usually provided by the device manufacturer. There are three ways to update a driver.

Windows Update. You may need to install to automatically download and install recommended updates in Windows Update.

Install the software from the manufacturer of the device. For example, if your device came with a disc, that disc might contain software that installs a driver for that device.

Self loading and updating drivers. Use this method to install the driver, downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. You should do this if Windows Update can’t find a driver for your device, and the device didn’t come with software that installs a driver.

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At any time you can check Windows Update to see whether found updated drivers for your hardware, especially if you recently installed a new device. You can then install these updated drivers. To install them, follow these steps. To do this, open the Update Center buy windows 7 home product key in the left pane, click on the link “search for updates”. If there are any available updates, you need to go here to get more information about each update. Windows Update tells you if an update is important, recommended, or optional. Each type of update cheap windows 7 product key might include drivers. In the “select the updates you want to install” want to see updates for your devices, select check boxes for all the drivers that you want to install, and click on “OK”. It should be borne in mind that there might not be any available driver updates. On the Windows Update page, you must click on the “install updates”. Install some updates require you to restart your computer.

If the operating system does not find a driver for your device and the device didn’t come with driver software, you can look for a driver on the device manufacturer’s website.

After you locate the updated driver, follow the instructions on the manufacturer’s website. Most drivers are self-installing — after you download them, you usually just double-click the file to begin the installation, and then the driver installs itself on your PC automatically.

Some devices have drivers that you need to install yourself. If you download a driver that is not installed automatically, do the following:

Open “Device Manager”;
In the list of hardware categories, find the windows 7 product key device that you want to update, and then click on it on the left mouse button;
On the “driver” tab, click “Refresh” button and follow the instructions.
If the device that you are updating the driver, purchased with your computer, you should first check if a driver from the manufacturer of the computer. Many manufacturers install in their computers, third-party devices such as video cards and sound cards. In some cases, the manufacturer modifies the drivers for use with your computer, while a third-party company may propose a standard version of the driver. When you install the standard version of the driver, even if it is created by the device manufacturer, problems can arise.

Another reason may be that this version of driver is incompatible with your device or computer. Hardware devices are often retaining their original names. There may be cases where the latest version of the driver is installed but is not working properly. In such cases should be to revert to a previous version of the driver for that device. Go to the Web site purchase windows 7 pro product key of the manufacturer of the computer or device to find the version of the driver designed for your device, or remove the driver and restart the computer to reinstall the older driver.

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Microsoft Windows 10: Upgrade to Pro easier than ever before

In Microsoft circles, a method was published as the automatic update on Windows 10 also for users of Pro versions easier buy windows 10 product key and thus more palatable is to be made.

Who previously used Windows 7 or Windows 8 in the Pro versions, to can change easier in the future on Windows 10. A corresponding manual has surfaced in a Microsoft support forum.

An installation of Windows 10 home version 1511 - even after an upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 - to can be converted just Pro in Windows 10. Do this, you should enter the key VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T in the control panel under “change update and security/activation/Windows product key”.

This key triggers only a upgrade of Windows-10-home installation on Windows 10 Pro. For activation you must enter Additionally the key a version of Windows, which is eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 10. These include professional Windows 10 pro product key and Windows 7 ultimate versions and versions per, per student and per WMC by Windows 8.1.

In addition to be according to installation windows 10 pro product key over the Internet a key to activate the new installation, if there is still no pro license available.


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Alternative Ways To Activate Windows 10

An alternative way to activate Windows 10-program, using for that purpose pest KMS server. Like the previous solution does not require any user intervention — after the launch of the axis cheap windows 10 key activation is carried out automatically.

Activator copes with Technical Preview version of the OS. Most likely, he would not lose health at least until the release of the final version of the system. Worth to try out the program and on the RTM version of the operating system, which the producers BUY WINDOWS 10 KEYS promise to submit in April 2015 — chances are high that the utility successfully activates  activate Windows 10 and operacionku from a future release.

An additional plus of the program  Activate Windows 10 is the ability to work not only with the latest version of the operating system, but also with previous releases (7 and 8.1). You can also use Activator for Office 2010 (2013), and on the server.

While the bitness of the OSes are irrelevant — the program activates the 32 and 64-bit systems. After activation, you can also save on your hard drive and use when needed. The same program can fix errors in the CHEAP WINDOWS 110 PRODUCT KEY activation of the OSes are arising after the use of other tools.


The main difference with this program from predecessors — autorun, together with the launch of the system. In this mode each time you restart your utility will check the activate and carry out confi “legality” OSes without user intervention. The programme will be continuously available in the system tray and allows you to quickly get information about the current status of the activation.

Problems with the program should arise. Interface completely Russified, and in minimalist shell hard to get confused newbie: utility does not show anything superfluous.

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A nice bonus is that there is no need to install the program on your hard drive. Utility is capable to run in Portable mode. The cheap windows 10 activator is suitable for all versions of Windows, starting with “seven” (for the desktop) and release 2008 (Windows Server). Using the same program you can activate Office productivity suite from Microsoft (from version 2010 and older).

Versatile program that works with the same version as the previous utility. Additional feature: the ability to repeatedly change Retail licenses at Volume and in the opposite direction.

The data associated with the activation of the product stored in the program. When activated, they can be quickly fails to recover buy windows 10 key and get a working operating system in a matter of minutes. The program also allows you to view information about the WINDOWS 10 product key activation status and so on.

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How to do a clean install for windows 10?

Users of Windows 7 or Windows 8 will now encounter a problem they want a clean installation, such as in the new operating system prompt for a product key during installation.

When they tried to enter their Windows product key is 7 or 8, they will get the message, it is null and void and not acceptable.

The problem here is that existing keys need to be converted to Windows 10 before the first key that they can use to activate the Windows 10 system.

How do you do it?

According to Microsoft, first you need to run the upgrade windows 10 product key to convert the existing system. Once you do, your product key can be used for a new installation of Windows 10.

It is clearly not too comfortable, considering that you took the time to upgrade the system only after clean installing Windows 10.

At the time of writing there is no other solution. Online product key were cheap windows 10 product key converters come in handy, or even to call Microsoft and get the keys for the two options should be less time options.


Back up your existing system. I cannot emphasize enough, you should back your important files before buy windows 10 product key running the upgrade. Because you want to run a clean install anyway, make sure you backup all important files to save before you start.

Accept the displayed upgrade in Windows 7 or Windows 8 System. If you are having trouble getting Windows 10 upgrade offer to display the links to read the articles. You find the download link there should be a tool to resolve the issue, upgrade offer displayed on your machine.

You may create a ISO image or to prepare a USB flash drive or upgrade using the installation media. Because you need both anyway for the clean installation of Windows, one of 10, you can immediately use it very well.

Run the upgrade. Whether you use Windows Update, and follow the prompts displayed on the screen, or start the PC from your previously created the installation media and follow the instructions to upgrade your existing system.

After the upgrade process is complete-system when you start Windows, you will notice a 10-you have windows 10 key for activation successfully converted the product key product key. This means that you can now use the clean installation media to install the operating system. Please note that seems to be the only possible Windows 10 to run on the PC you want to install the upgrade.

The only option now to clean install Windows 10 is the first time you run the upgrade program. The only exception to the rule is that if you buy a full Windows version 10 when you and the product key, and you used to activate it during the installation process.

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What should I do if I have not received a Windows Update 10

Now walk across the network comments from the official website of Windows that Mole doesn’t come Windows Update 10, although all the required was. People argue that the current updates installed, your computer supports the new system and updated to 10 reserved, immediately windows 1o product key  purchase after the July 29, 2015 year should begin installing the new OS.

Actually it is not so. In part, people are right, all items are met, but the installation fails. There is another side of the coin. Update all the computers from which the reservation was made, at least it’s hard to think how much themselves need it people who’d followed the optimal installation of the OS, for example, in Russia. The staff is freed, windows 10 product key and the work goes on a new range, so if you have not received the update, you must simply wait their turn. The update will occur within a few months, so it is likely that people will get a new OS by the end of August.

However, it is also worth noting that if familiar people with your city could end up with 10-TKI, and you still haven’t, then the problem windows 10  may lie in your computer. It happens that in the directory where should download the update lacks, banal, or any error occurred that prevents the bootloader to boot the new OS. Panic and demolish the system don’t need all solved quite simply.

Note that this trick is only available to those you are running genuine Windows 7 | 8.1, the pirates go. For pirates, according to some reports, created the activator, so they can just put a clean 10-weaving take activator and enjoy life, but they did not continue, as opposed to those who will use the official windows 1o product key to update.

Begin to return to the Update download Windows 10. Go to c drive and find the Windows folder. Next in directories find another folder SoftwareDistribution\Download. Delete everything in it will find. Then run the command prompt as an administrator, as was shown in the article about how to disable keylogger for Windows 10. Type the following at the command prompt:

This team is a challenge to the “forced update file download Activator. No with after entering this command was seen, therefore, after entering the Windows Update should appear in the long-awaited downloading Windows Update 10, you’ve been waiting for.

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