The rural appartments “Les Cases d’arriba” (the upper houses) are situated in  the hamlet of Paniceres in the area  of Laviana, in the centre of Asturias. Laviana is about 11 km2 surrounded by mountains and forests. It links in the North with Bimenes and Nava, in the South with Aller, in the West with Mieres and San Martin del Rey Aurelio and in the East with Piloña and Sobrescobio (Parque Natural de Redes Reserva de la Biosfera).(Redes National Park).

Paniceres is a peaceful hamlet only ten minutes drive from Pola de Laviana and 15 from the Redes National Park. “Les Cases D’arriba” is close to  the Peña Mayor mountain with excellent and easy walking. It allows you to enjoy the tranquility of the countryside and the beautiful views of Peña Mayor and the surrounding hills covered with green meadows and woods. Just behind the appartments there are meadows and woods where you can find mushrooms and chestnuts for roasting on the fire (in season), where children can play all year round.

Pola de Laviana, the main town of the area, is in the Nalon Valley. It’s the most populated centre in this part (about 15000 inhabitants). It used to be a mining town and there are still a few open mines dotted along the valley : Sotón, Maria Luisa and Carrio (the latter in Laviana). The mining museum reflects the hard, difficult and dangerous work in a mine. This fact has influenced the character of the valley, which  was, some years ago, the heart of the mining   industries. Nowadays, this part of the valley is chosen by a lot of people to live in because of its  breathtaking natural surroundings. The  lush green  landscape  attracts people wanting to explore the hills ande mountains in this corner of Asturias

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