It´s the second time I`m writing about this subject, but this event is rally important for us in Laviana because we share plans, friendship and dreams.

July was for resting, but on the 1st August everybody starts activities in garajes and yards. You won’t believe it, but there are «spies» who want to find out what the next door team is doing. Each group builds a secret wessel!!

It´s a teamwork and the whole family participates too. While some a concentrating on the design, others are drawing the fancy dress (which must be suitable for the topic of the boat) which is generally made by mothers or grandmothers. I can say that nowadays, the internet is an easy way to get Francy dresses! It´s the modernity!!

Everything has to be ready for «D» day, which will be, this year on the 24th August.

The participants are mostly from Laviana, but also from other parts. Our friend, Manuel, from Tuy (Galicia), comes every year to have a good time with so many people.

Many people participate because it´s very funny, but other feel it as a competition and look forward to winnig «LA SOPERA!, the highest prize.

It´s a traditional event to enjoy with friends who were once Young boys and girls and are now parents. They have already started to initiate their children to do the same.

If you have never seen it, I invite you to come and watch it : we only live once and you have to go down the Nalon River once in your life on that day: you will laugh an have a lot of fun!!

If you want to see potos go to :

Perhaps it will make you come and participate,

We are waiting for you!!!!